Can not start windows 10 after getting dualboot

Chris has RHEL skills i'll call him in @wizardfromoz hes in Australia so might be time delay and its the weekend


(Wizard appears in a puff of smoke, stumbles over a discarded Garuda carcass, curses and turns it into a Manjaro)

Hang on, whaddya mean everything is fixed now?

Geez Louise.

Seriously though

G'day @Lanre and welcome to :)

Good teamwork between you and Andy @captain-sensible

. probably in the repo but ..

NO (sorry Andy)

The downloads from there are of the format


That means they are source, and you have to take that and apply certain commands to build from the source to get a binary rpm that you can then install. A good exercise in itself, but the finished product is not fully functional for Timeshift. It will allow you to take a snapshot, and to restore your previous setup from within a working Fedora (for, say rolling back updates), but not to restore from a Live USB stick or external drive.

The version of Timeshift it offers for Fedora 35 is 21.09, which is the latest, but you would be better off going with 20.03 (but not from that site) installed from Fedora's Repositories with

sudo dnf install timeshift

BUT (Wizard's but follows close behind him)

@Lanre do you know if your Fedora is using BTRFS or EXT4?

If you are not sure

df -T

will reveal.

If it is BTRFS (I always install it with EXT4), then you will be better with a tool such as SUSE's Snapper.


Chris Turner
Alright, so.. Can you recommend something that I can flash a Windows recovery thingie onto my pendrive with?

I thought Balena Etcher, but it says Windows files need to be made bootable and it can not do it. For making one bootable on linux it recommends WoeUSB - the project seems closed tho, and it links to WoeUSB-ng.

I've got that but I'm having little problems writing my disc - the guide says to umount the pendrive [in my case it shows as /dev/sdd] and then run a command, but I can not do either - trying to umount the drive gives me a message that it is "not mounted", while trying the woeUsb command tells me "Access denied".

I have looked into the /media and /mnt, but those are empty.

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