Copy-on-write error correcting file systems


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May 2, 2017
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I have been using BTRFS RAID 1 for data and meta-data with two hard disk drives for a while now. This set up is on my network storage server. My desktops simply runs ext4 (not a fan of LVM yet).

I am using two 1TB HDD totalling 1TB capacity (no surprises as using RAID 1); if I was to add another HDD, say 1TB, my total capacity would be 1.5TB. I have wiggle room for now (about 500 GB) on the pool, but thinking about the future. Or, I could slowly replace the two disk with 2TB models and keep life simple in a RAID 1, which will work nicely.

As you'll all be aware, running RAID5/6 with BTRFS is not an option due to the catastrophic bugs. In an ideal world, I would like to run parity across disks with RAID 5 then maybe 6 in the future. I thought these bugs might be repaired by now not alas no. So, should I transition towards ZFS or remain on the BTRFS route.

I am interested to know which file systems are you guys running for your storage pools?
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