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Solved How much memory is too less memory? Is there even such a thing?

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Ran NewDos/80 on my 48K machine yesterday. But I bet that doesn't count :)

I'm just now using computers with 8.0GB of memory.

I can't even imagine having a computer with 32GB of memory.

What kind of a computer has 1TB of memory other than a server.
About the Frontier supercomputer:

Frontier uses 9472 ... CPUs"
It occupies 74 19-inch (48 cm) rack cabinets.[10] Each cabinet hosts 64 blades, each consisting of 2 nodes.
Each node consists of one CPU, 4 GPUs and 4 terabytes of flash memory. Each GPU has 128 GB of RAM soldered onto it, and each CPU has 512GB of local DDR4 memory.

Lots of memory :).


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