How to complete the partial de-branding done by cubic


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Apr 24, 2020
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I see that cubic is able to de-brand some parts of the ubuntu installation,but not everything. Actually I'm tryng to de-brand xubuntu,after having customized its content to satisfy my needs. Infact I want to re-distribute the customized iso on my personal website. To do that,I read that I shoud de-brand totally ubuntu and every derivate that I want to use as a base. Ok,I've got xubuntu and I tried. It's been a week since I'm exploring every file inside the xubuntu iso,to understand where are stored the images that I need to change. Without having success right now. There are a lot of places where I still see the xubuntu logo and during the installation it shows a roundup of advertisements that I can't leave as they are. Below you can see a little album with all the pictures that I need to edit,removing what is highlighted. Please I need to know where I can find the images involved and the advertising messages that you see :

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