ubuntu 22.04

  1. Xarzu

    Command line sollutionn for shared folder with VMware and Ubuntu 22.04

    I am using Ubuntu 22.04 as a Virtual machine using VMWare Workstation 16 Pro hosted on a Windows 10 Pro computer. There is an issue with having shared folder between the virtual machine and the host. It is documented with VMware and the solution involved adding a line to /etc/fstab When I...
  2. Xarzu

    Why does "sudo apt update" cause a series of "403 Forbidden" errors?

    Why does "sudo apt update" cause a series of "403 Forbidden" errors? I have a Ubuntu 22.04 virtual machine using VMware on a Windows 10 Enterprise computer. Part of setting things up requires I use the command" or both commands cause the same error messages. They consist of Either I need...
  3. J

    Ubuntu 22.04 - 404 Not Found & 502 Bad Gateway Error

    Hello, I am currently running Ubuntu 22.04 and every time I run sudo apt update I get a 404 and 502 error for certain repositories. I tried changing the mirror but that did not solve the problem. Any possible solutions would be appreciated. Thanks in Advance
  4. S

    Intel HD 770 (AlderLake-S GT1) embedded GPU causes blank screen even with kernel 5.17

    Hi, I've installed Ubuntu 22.04 on an Intel 12700T (AlderLake) but the screen goes black when switching to the i915 (Intel eGPU) driver. This happens in the 22.04 Desktop setup (which only run in "Safe Graphics" model), It happens when 22.04 Desktop boots normally. It happens in 22.04...
  5. E

    Why is it not showing!?

    I have recently upgraded to Ubuntu Jammy Jelly Fish, Gnome version 42, excited to see the new accent colour feature. Unfortunately, it wasn't able to show the option to change accent colour. I would highly appreciate it if anybody can help me fix this problem asap.