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I Can't Figure out how to open and play this linux file

I just opened the ./DatingStartVN.sh and there was something on screen, but it was frozen., there was music playing and it did not go into fullscreen.
it looked like this...

Screenshot 2023-09-15 10.19.58 AM.png

going off on a limb here but possibly the file could be incomplete and maybe has other things you need to download and execute to run it properly OR your chromebook doesn't have enough capacity to run it, I frequent that issue as well. I'm using a chromebook in place of my broken laptop(regret)

take my words with a grain of salt, I'm a rookie
This keeps on popping up when I try to run ./DatingStartVN.sh, this is the full thing. I believe I need to put something there, but I don't know what, can anyone please tell me what to put please, for all of this?

Screenshot 2023-09-17 4.07.02 PM.png
And everytime I try it on my terminal and Itch.io, it opens with a black screen and no music ad it doesn't go in to fullscreen mode.

What should I do?
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What should I do?
Give up, maybe? Some things just cannot be accomplished with the current state of technology.

As I told you before (here), the game developer acknowledges that the game does not work in ChromeOS, and he says he cannot make it work in ChromeOS unless Google provides support for Ren'Py in ChromeOS. I don't believe you're going to get around this for now.

Ren'Py can run on Windows, macOS, Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Android and iOS, says Wikipedia... but the game author only supports PC, MAC, and Linux. You need to meet the author's OS requirement.
Congratulations! I love it when I'm wrong! Well done! :)

Please share your solution so maybe others will benefit from your experience.
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I don't remember everything, but first you need the DatingStartVN-1.0.3-linux then I remember getting itch from linux terminal on my chromebook, then I got Nemo, I believe and then I opened the Nemo thing and attach the itch.io thing to it then I opened Itch and launch DatingStart and it worked. I'm not sure if this it fully correct but I hope it helps others that need it.