I really suck at retirement...


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Jul 23, 2020
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I keep obligating myself to more and more things. I haven't even been fishing yet this year.

I don't use Reddit much, so I may seek some assistance with that. See, on a lark, I went to r/linuxtips and saw that it existed and was abandoned.

Without really thinking about it, I applied for ownership of the subreddit. I didn't really expect them to grant it, as I'm not all that active, but they granted it within minutes. So, now I'm the owner of a barren subreddit, with no idea how subreddits work, and short on time to learn.

So, I'll have to devote some hours to figuring that out. Any Redditors here that I might be able to call on for assistance?

URL if folks are curious:

I'm on reddit but not looking for another place to hang out and answer questions, I'll subscribe to it though ;)
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LOL Thanks!

I am, of course, 'chordophonic' - relating to chordophones, of which the guitar is one, as is the piano. Chordophones are musical instruments that create sound by vibrating strings that are fixed on either end. So, a piano is a chordophone, just like the guitar, banjo, hurdy-gurdy, and hammered dulcimer. (There are a ton of instruments in the family.)

KGIII was already taken.
I kind of figured that since you own the subbredit, you have built up quite a bit of karma!
It's not terribly hard to build up karma there. You'll see from my comment history that I've been relatively inactive for longer than I was active.

I don't know what I was thinking when I applied for the sub. Well, I was kinda thinking they'd not give it to me and I could rest easy knowing that I'd tried. If they gave it to me, I wasn't expecting it to be so immediate. They said something about 15 days. It took less than 5 minutes.

I might just say screw it and go fishing. The brook trout are surely biting and they are delicious.
I mostly read through several different subreddits when I am bored and on my phone, I rarely reply on posts so my karma is quite low.
As memory serves, I was active for maybe three months. By the time I stopped bothering, I had many months of "Reddit Gold" status. It's really, really easy to get points there. Just comment intelligently, be funny, or kowtow to the prevailing opinions of the herd. I like to think I mostly used the first two.
The more the merrier. I'll do what I can (maybe an hour a day averaged out) to make it a viable sub. If it catches on, great. If not, I will probably keep it up for a while just to see it through.

I think I have it set up so that you can post without needing permission. It was locked down when I got it. I've gone through all the settings, so it should be good.
I might just say screw it and go fishing.
A Slim Dusty said in his song "A bad days fishing" from the album "Looking Forward Looking Back"
Well a bad days fishin' ain't a bad day at all
Just as long as you're a-wettin' the line
When the man in the boat is a tallying up
He gonna look down at you and youll smile
Hell say (A bad days fishing is good for your soul
So I decided to the end of your life.)
Yeah he is an Aussie as well.
I still haven't gone fishing.
I still haven't gone fishing.
If you want to go fishing, you should wait until the COVID-19 pandemic is over. For now, just stay at home. We all should.
Anyway, it is midnight in my country that I need to go to bed now.
LOL I can go fishing without even leaving my property. I'm not sure you understand how remote I am.

Look up Rangeley, Maine (USA) on a map. I'm about 40 km outside of that.

There are zero other people at my fishing spots - ever.
David, David, David ... I can see I am going to have to magick up a 28 hour day for you, old son.

You'll never rust, you don't stand still long enough.

In theory, I retired at the age of 48.

I have a small automotive gathering tomorrow morning, which we can do while maintaining our social distancing. So, I'll get out of the house and have some fun. Though that's weather dependent.

Yeah, I can't do 'nothing'. It's always off to the next activity. Life is short and I keep finding ways to fill the time.

If there were a 28 hour day, I'd probably find a way to fit 34 hours worth of time into it.
Isn't Reddit what everyone uses for hmm porn?
Anyway I am there. No idea what my karma is. technically I cannot log in to my Reddit account. I setup 2fa and the phone I had it setup on broke, like dropped an ran over by a semi broke.
Luckily I use Slider for Reddit on my phone and I had already granted it access, so it works.
LOL I don't use it for porn. I'm pretty sure there are dedicated sites for that.

And, if you still have access with one device, you might want to disable that 2FA and renew it with a new device. I use 2FA for any accounts on my L-T site that have any abilities to change anything.
No the Slide app just gets authorized when you first use it. Luckily saving the configs was enough to load it on another device.
I still haven't gone fishing.
sacrilege... a bad days fishing is better than a good day at work or a bad days fishing is better than sitting at home with the wife... get out there and flick a few lures

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