I really suck at retirement...

No the Slide app just gets authorized when you first use it. Luckily saving the configs was enough to load it on another device.

I got a message saying you'd left a comment, so it must work. I haven't had time to check that out yet.

sacrilege... a bad days fishing is better than a good day at work or a bad days fishing is better than sitting at home with the wife... get out there and flick a few lures

I did get out this morning for a cars and coffee type of event. I'll probably fish (finally) tomorrow morning.

Look up Rangeley, Maine (USA) on a map. I'm about 40 km outside of that.
Found the image of Rangeley, Maine from Google Map. It looks calm and peaceful there. Although you might be living further from this place. I upload and link this image from imgbb.com so that it won't consume linux.org space, bandwidth.
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That's the big lake that is in town. As you go through town (headed north from where the picture was taken) you'll go down into the village and the lake is on your left. That picture was taken from the scenic overlook.

I live even more remotely, but it's visually pretty much the same.
I'm about 40 km (25 miles) outside of that, and a little over 1.25 hours to a town with 7000 people.

I am up near the northern end of the Appalachian Mountain Range. I'm at about 1160 m (3800 feet) in elevation. I average about 4,25 m (14 feet) of snow and regularly have wind speeds at 100 kph (60 mph). (As the crow flies, I live not terribly far from Mt. Washington. Thus the high winds.)

I live here by choice.

I bought an obscene amount of property. It used to belong to a logging company, but hadn't been harvested since the regulations changed in the 80s. Much of it wasn't ever harvested due to the remoteness and terrain, as well as abundant timber stands elsewhere. Maine is the most heavily forested State in the Union. I call it home.

I never really had a hometown before. I was always moving and always traveling. The village, down by the lake that you see there, is what I consider my hometown. It's a huge tourist spot, going from 500 people to 5000 people during the peak tourism times. We complain about them, but without tourists the town wouldn't exist.

It's truly beautiful and tranquility is just a short drive/walk from the village. Heck, even the village is relatively tranquil. The hunting and fishing are spectacular. The ski slope just opened back up this past season. The twisty mountain roads are great for lazy driving and enjoying the scenery, or for spirited driving while avoiding giant moose and whitetail deer.

I wouldn't want it any other way.
Heck, even the village is relatively tranquil. The hunting and fishing are spectacular.
Good morning sir, David. Yes, I also love tranquil places and went to such places sometimes before the COVID. I usually went to island places.

But right now, I live in a suburban. That suits me most of the time.
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a bit of an impertinent question, with all that timber around you, do you have a log cabin or a more modern home [or even just a tent?
A much more modern home. I bought the house "across the road" to stay in while this one was constructed. Much of the wood came from my property, but it's not a log cabin. It's a giant post and beam affair.

But right now, I live in a suburban. That suits me most of the time.

I used to live in cities or suburbia. It was much easier to be productive.
It's a giant post and beam affair.
that's what we in the UK would call either just timber framing or barn framing... very common in parts of the UK from around 1450 to 1800, done right it will stand for centuries.
That's why I did it. It will outlast me by many, many generations. It's a stately looking edifice, complete with flag pole on the front lawn. It's on a fairly flat section that's on the side of a mountain.

It's also both passive and active solar, as well as a couple of wind turbines. I generate more energy than I use and have for about 7 years now.

My internet is the remaining utility that can't really be reasonably resolved. I paid for the equipment that lets the area have DSL, but there's always something falling on the lines. (It's very windy here.) Satellite has terrible lag, they won't run fiber, and my cell connection is laughable.
In theory, I retired at the age of 48.
I probably won't get to retire until I'm 70 or laying between 6 pieces of wood.
The economy went to hell. The US government set up a plan to spend billions on roads. My company modeled traffic. So, it was suddenly worth a tidy sum. It was just fortuitous timing. Also, I have no idea why I typed 48. It should have been 49.
Also, I should probably have mentioned this. The lake in the picture is Rangeley Lake.

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