Interested to hear from anyone who has updated to LM21....either via the Update Manager, or via a Fresh Install?

In my posty above.....

The implementing of the terminal command : sudo apt-get --with-new-pkgs upgrade

.....has resulted in much 'smoother' performance.

The whole thing is slowly coming together to form a damn good OS.

Legend, Bro', it almost tempts me to use the upgrade tool on my 20.3 Xfce rather than clean install it, which was my plan.

Is there a lot of interactivity involved?

If I clear off the empty beer bottles from the Dell in the garage I could run it on that, and check on it occasionally when I step into the garage for a beer (still bloody cold in the garage for another 6 weeks).
After I set it in motion, I ticked 'fix' to everything....everything. (the second everything is supposed to be underlined...but for some reason the entire 'thingie' bar above is greyed out. Not sure if that is a lm21 thing or the site)

Once it has done all its info gathering and fixing etc etc will say onscreen that the actual Install is about to take place.

it doesnt tell you grab an extra beer, but you may as well......from memory mine took around an hour and a half....which seems to have been reasonably quick, judging by the times I have seen other members bellyache about.

I use a great number of apps....most of them from the repository, or already installed by default) and therefore I am perhaps a bit more prone to notice some of the glitches/differences/downright crap happenings that can come to light. I will bitch and moan about them....but I will also endeavour to fix the little crappers.....and usually with success. Some effort put in = a good OS resulting.

If LM21 can handle all the crap that I put it through, it will be a good OS.

I'm off to figure out the 'thingie ' bar above and figure out why it is greyed out

The bar, underlineing, bold etc ect iss working over at and also at it would appear to be related to this site.
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Not the site, mate. I just underlined and un-underlined the part you were talking about. I am in a Debian running updates so I can't rule out Vanessa, but I can jump in there next if you like.
Yes please.
Works OK from clean-installed Vanessa, I have left it underlined for you.

Exhausting, the jump between distros, off for a beer and then back.
If I had to icon to show sweat on a forehead....I would use it !
So....after trying numerous things.......I changed browser from Brave to Chromium


(In Chromium)

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I should have mentioned mine were done under Firefox, lol.
I knew's my esp working overtime....
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Ok...I opened a new 'profile' in brave.......and that brings back the ability to use the bar...bold, underline etc etc

Therefore it is one of the settings.

Seeing that I have not changed any of the settings there, it is either an extension, or one of the settings themselves.

Brave was last updated 8th August 2022.....and has not been touched since brave or by me

So...i will disable etc all extensions and see what that brings.
I just cleared cached images, cookies, and browsing history

Seeing browsing history clears every time I close the browser.....that leaves cached images and cookies

I will have to keep a keen eye out to spot the ability to use bold etc etc etc going south.
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There is an upate with a new Update sure to install it.

It will follow with the following updates:

Did you mistakenly disable BB Code?

The three dot menu that is furthest right, click that. There are two brackets. Those toggle BB Code. Click that.
I am thinking not.....I am aware of that possibility, but there was no way to access the 'toggle' control to turn it back on.

I wish it were as easy as that !
Hmm... Have you tried clearing cookies and cache? That should log you out, and you'll need to login again of course.
This was the very essence of weirdness.

I refer to what i said a couple of posts above......
there was no way to access the 'toggle' control to turn it back on.
If you click on the three dot menu out on the far right hand side....and then click on the pair of brackets, it iwll promptly turn the bbcode OFF.
You are then left with no access to the "bar" at all.....with the ONLY exception being the pair of brackets to turn the bbcode back ON. (otherwise how are you going to turn it back on??!!)

This was my dilemma....the pair of brackets were not present. Clicking on the aforementioned hree dots produced bugger all result.

So, eventually, after trying all sorts of 'fixes', I cleared cookies and cached images and every little thing returned to normal.

Go figure.
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DESPITE all the 'touches' of negativity in the posts above, LM21 is starting to turn the corner......slowly but surely it is becoming snappy and gives the feeling of reliability. The initial stumbles appear to have gone.

I must say that since I carried out the steps outlined in post#16 the "key" errors etc etc have disappeared...completely.

@charlie.corder ...consider installing it, Charlie. Nothing to lose. Make sure to install the updates frequently if you do install.
Upgrade instructions:

  • If you are running the BETA you don’t need to upgrade, use the Update Manager to apply available updates.
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The updates referred to in post#33 appear to be having an effect. The system is starting to smooth has become noticeably quicker......reminiscent of LM20.3

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