messed up gambling and beat all my blocks


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Sep 24, 2023
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Is there better ways for lubuntu to block casino sites and certain keywords.

I haven't lost every penny but can normally beat all my blocks many times.
Host DNS keyword blocking didn't work. chrome extensions are easily deleted.
Look for a few geniuses please with advanced blocks that cannot be undone.
Have a backup windows laptop I was using too. Will get gamblan for that shortly.
Cant really risk losing any more money. Cut the loses and run.

someone said do something like this? dns_blocklists: Refresh for 25th Sept, add ASN blocking for social media

am not smart enough to work out where that goes yet? is it in hosts file?
You can block specific websites, including casino sites, on Lubuntu by modifying your DNS settings or by editing the /etc/hosts file. Below are the steps for each method:

### Method 1: Using DNS

1. Use a Family Safety DNS: There are DNS providers like OpenDNS which allow you to block specific categories of websites, including gambling websites. Here are the steps to set it up:

- Go to "Settings" > "Network".
- Click on "Settings" for your current network.
- Go to the "IPv4" or "IPv6" tab.
- Select "Automatic (DHCP) addresses only" or "Manual" from the dropdown.
- Enter the DNS addresses provided by the DNS provider. For example, OpenDNS Family Shield DNS IPs are and
- Click "Apply".
- Restart the network manager with the command: sudo service network-manager restart.

2. Create a Custom DNS Server: This is more complicated but gives you full control over the blocked sites. You would need to set up a DNS server, configure it to block specific sites, and then point your Lubuntu machine to use this DNS server.

### Method 2: Editing the /etc/hosts File

1. Open Terminal: You can open it by pressing CTRL + ALT + T or by searching for it.

2. Edit the /etc/hosts File: Use a text editor to open and edit the file. For example, you can use nano by entering the following command:

    sudo nano /etc/hosts

3. Add the Websites You Want to Block: At the bottom of the file, add the sites you want to block, pointing them to the local address For example, to block, add the following line:


4. Save and Close the File: If you are using nano, press CTRL + X, then press Y to confirm the changes, and press Enter.

5. Flush the DNS Cache: You can do this by restarting your computer or by entering the following command:

    sudo systemd-resolve --flush-caches

Remember to replace "" with the actual URL of the casino or gambling site you wish to block. You can add as many sites as you want by adding more lines.

Please note that users can bypass this method by using a VPN or proxy, or by changing the DNS settings on their device to use a different DNS service.
The thing is, and I pondered this when I first saw this thread, anything they do to block these sites they can easily undo. As there's a stated goal about it being hard to undo, I haven't really got any good ideas.

I mean, they could probably set up an admin account, block things, assign the account a gibberish password, and stuff like that - but that's still easily defeated.

Also, some of us old graybeards see the hosts file mentioned and have APK flashbacks (from Ye Ole Slashdot days).
On the hosts file, this may be of interest:

The Microsoft MVPs maintain a really good list. Or did.

Ah, now I have some history there, but not really on-topic. I was once more adept with Windows than I am even with Linux today. Well, they're probably about equal at this point 'cause I've learned a lot in the past couple of years.


This is the actual download page for the hosts file:

I'm thinking that they may have stopped maintaining it. For a while, it was an option that you could import in your uBlock settings and it's no longer in there. That's too bad, but I'm sure it's possible to find maintained lists - such as the one you linked to.

I used a hosts file back in the day, back when I had even less bandwidth than I have now - and when ad blocking was not nearly as good as it is now. I also used a neat piece of software that functioned like a VPN but compressed everything, including images, to make browsing much faster. I forget what that was called.

As for the hosts/Slashdot thing...

There's a crazy person named APK on Slashdot. I assume they're still there. They rant excessively about the hosts file and he had some cheesy hosts file manager tool. But, he'd save thousands of replies or comments and try to attack users with just these insane walls of text with quotes from comments you made years ago (often taken out of context or they just didn't understand them) and he'd go on a tirade.

It was kind of fun to rile him up a bit, but then he'd spend the next six months attacking your posts.

When I see the hosts file mentioned, it almost causes flashbacks!

The thing with the hosts file is that the user can easily bypass it. The OP has a serious problem with gambling. I'm reasonably convinced that's not something that can be solved with software alone.

If they're in the US, they might be better served by calling 1-800-GAMBLER and reaching out for help.