NTP sync with HWClock


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I have a trouble: the output of this command "
ntpdc -c sysinfo" gives this:

[[email protected]***]# ntpdc -c sysinfo
system peer: **************
system peer mode: client
leap indicator: 00
stratum: 6
precision: -24
root distance: 0.10782 s
root dispersion: 0.94182 s
reference ID: [*.*.*.*]
reference time: e0bf11a9.d3437000 Thu, Jun 27 2019 12:58:01.825

system flags: auth ntp stats ß------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
jitter: 0.326767 s
stability: 0.000 ppm
broadcastdelay: 0.000000 s
authdelay: 0.000000 s

As you can see, in system flags there is no "kernel" flag.
Does someone know how to change it? I need it to be there.

Please help.
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