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Because it is funny both ways - over in another topic I start about the DELL journey for a replacement Desktop PC for the wife - not a single thing has go right. the whole thing to which I have under taken has been a total Chit Show from start until now, as I wait for the SSD to write the Win XP.
. . . . . . . . . As mentioned it is a DELL stay with me . . . . . . . . .
I made a joke to which nobody caught - which ended Joke On Me ...... kind of like, her wife watch this I am going to replace your old broke down PC with a Faster Linux Cat ......... <------ hope some catch

I made the A Dell Rolling in the DEEP reference ... for those that are not sure what I meant
can't get Her Tower going again ......... the metaphor is there not just in the title and artist name.



@wizardfromoz - to go along with the moon and space theme / this sound track goes very well with this footage from the ISS international space station.
I would recommend head phones and a big screen.

Still working my way through the wonderful contributions we are receiving here :)

But have to leave for my Sunday night meal-making (yum, but :()

Here's Dolores O'Riordan heading up Irish group The Cranberries. Delores drowned last year, aged 47.

This group were big in the 90s.

Before I head off to bed - between this topic and the moon landing, reflecting back across some of the songs here I am familiar with, a few are brand new to me. All of them have gave me reason to pause and reflect. Some songs strike a nerve that resonates all the way to a persons soul their core some would say.
No two songs have given my mind a strange stroll through not just emotions but mental processing of life, 1 reminds me of my Dad a WW2 vet, the other of all the people who never seemed to last longer then what would only benefit them.

To Dad wish I could have gotten to know you better, we'll get together then ........
R.I.P June 18th 1991

For those who said they were friends but left when the journey became too long and too rough.

Don't wait for tomorrow for it is not promised to no man.
To be smitten by a female vocalist I would have to say Stevie Nicks, later to be replaced with Bonnie Raitt going off the sound of the voice. There was plenty of great music back then before auto tune or stuff to do the music and back track the lyrics.

My 8 track player in the car ate this tape pissed me off.

Yeah, Stevie Nick's!! What an awesome voice!! o_Oo_O
The album "Closer to Home" was quite a departure from the other stuff they did, like the red album, but I loved is all, that is until they started doing "bubblegum stuff. The live album ,done at the Atlanta pop festival, was awesome too! Mark Farner was great, until he found god!!

You put together a good group there.
Couple songs I can remember hearing as a child - 1 good thing about having older siblings, they had some really great music. I have no idea why these 2 songs popped in my head.

Love it all, keep it comin' :)

I saw this band in 1989 in Brisbane, when they were touring with the legendary BB KIng.

Here's one of their songs I have always enjoyed.

Pride - In the Name of Love

U2 - love The Edge's guitar.