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Here's a couple more composed by Giorgio Moroder.


Irene Cara....Brilliant....and Beautiful.
In 1990, I was in France for a sporting trip, for four weeks.

It took me until the day before I came home to get the chance to take a whole day walking the streets of Paris, an interesting city.

Everywhere, it seemed, there were posters of Madonna's upcoming tour, the Blond Ambition Tour, and although my command of French was poor, I was amazed at the number of times I heard passersby mention "Madonna" with excitement and anticipation.

I had to leave on June 29 and she had 3 concerts in Paris - 3, 4, and 6 July.

Bad timing for me, would have loved to have seen her.

This one is still one of my faves.


Now I have to find 1:48:12 to watch it.

Thanks, Bro' ... I think, lol
I don't often include long ones here.

This one is about 34 minutes long, from our "The Voice Australia 2023" show.

If you wade through the schmaltzy stuff from the "superstar" coaches, there are several pearls to be enjoyed from the winning artist, a 40 year old Melbourne mother of two, Tarryn Stokes. A worthy winner, IMO.

On the above - in most shows of this nature that I watch, the coaches or mentors are understandably considerably younger than my 66 years, but I have little tolerance for their ignorance of who wrote original songs. They should research better, and pay credit where credit is due.

In the case of Tarryn Stokes above (and no criticism of her), her coach, Rita Ora, gave her the song to sing, described as

"Celine Dion's All By Myself"

It was actually a cover hit by Celine, radically rearranged and released by her in 1996, I think.

In fact, it originated with Eric Carmen, formerly of The Raspberries, in 1976, 20 years earlier, I was 19 at the time, and loved it.

It featured, in the middle, him playing, very competently, a piece from classical music composer Sergei Rachmaninoff.

Here it is from "Midnight Special"

And as a more rustic alternative - the song was written by Bruce Woodley of The Seekers and Dobe Newton of The Bushwhackers.

The shortened version of it was featured in the 2023 The Voice Australia by none other then The Bushwhackers themselves.

Coach Jessica Mauboy recognised them in the Blind Auditions and was touched, because many years before, at a concert in Tamworth when she was starting her career, these guys had bailed her out when she was stranded for musical accompaniment with her song of choice.

Not quite as melodic as Brian's offering, but interesting nevertheless, IMO.

Just so happens that I am watching Dobe newton giving a quite lengthy discourse....

... and they say there are no coincidences, lol.
He talks more than I do....non stop for more than 25 minutes.....barely drew a breath.

Methinks he is a 'Guiness' man....
This is one that is kick ass with a GOOD sound system.

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