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Jan 9, 2024
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when I installed Kali Linux on my pc using live usb, after the installation the system needed to be restarted. I clicked continue and I was stuck on the GRUB menu saying that Restarting system for 17 mins. So I did hard shutdown and when I booted it back, it didn’t boot. I also run diagnostics and there was nothing wrong. I reinstalled Kali Linux but the same thing happens.

Moving this to Kali Linux.

Try adding nomodeset to the grub menu:
Hold down the shift key when booting starts.
You will then get a grub console mode menu. The top option should be selected. Press 'e' key to edit that line.
Scroll down to the "Linux /boot/vmlinuz- your kernel-root=UUID.." line. That is the line that tells Grub which kernel to boot with and the parameters to be passed to the kernel when it boots are placed at the end of this line.
Press 'e' key again to edit this line.
Move to the end of the line to the text that says "quiet splash" and then enter "nomodeset" after the word splash and before " mark ensuring there is a space between the new option and any other option.
It should look like "quiet splash nomodeset"
Once you have added the parameter, press Enter to accept the editing.
Then press 'b' to boot using that kernel and those parameters.

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