What Internet Browser(s) are you using


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Apr 25, 2017
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Hi People,

Just wondering what browser poople are using??

I'll start off by saying... Seamonkey and Iron Browser.

why 2 browsers ?

Why not? If one breaks you can use the other.

I have Firefox and Waterfox as staples, but on many of my Distros I also have Brave and Chromium, and on a couple I have Epiphany and Vivaldi.


I use firefox in the GUI and w3m in the terminal.

Browsing from the terminal isn't for everybody, but I find it handy for doing quick searches for information, without breaking my flow when working in the terminal. It also reduces procrastination. In a GUI browser, there's more temptation to catch up with social media happenings.
I use Chromium + Vimium extension to browse using keyboard which I believe is also available in FF, not sure about other browsers.
I use qutebrowser, it's a vim-browser so no need for chrome add-on. I actually don't like the extension. But I might add it back just to have that option

I also use Firefox and chrome, but qutebrowser is my main browser
Usually firefox, sometimes Chromium, sometimes Chrome (only if I have to).
Sometimes links or lynx if I only have a CLI (no GUI).
Well at the moment I am liking Icecat it comes with buitin Adblocker. Only problem is that I needed to install on apulse on my very basic xfce Debian install which has no pulseaudio. I made a script which calls apulse /opt/icecat/icecat .
Firefox+DuckDuckGo (Extension that basically protects you from malicious sites, and gives you a report on the security of a site you're on by checking it's privacy policy and what trackers your browser is using). Thinking of checking out Brave.
Yes Duck Duck Go is a search engine with privacy policies which others should be doing. They value you and don't treat you as a product.