1. MatsuShimizu

    Firefox 91 released as the New ESR Series

    Features: - Simplified printing feature for a clutter-free print preview page. Instructions here on the Mozilla website. - HTTPS-First policy for Private Browsing windows. Read more here on the Mozilla website - Those of you who have Firefox installed from your distro’s repositories will have to...
  2. SpongebobFan1994

    Online Video Buffering Issues

    I've noticed recently that whenever I watch a video on YouTube, HookTube, or Invidious, it buffers rather slow, which causes it to stop and have to buffer again (and can be quite annoying at times). I've cleared the cache in LibreWolf, hoping it will make the webpage move faster, but it doesn't...
  3. SpongebobFan1994

    Qwant's Bugging Out [solved]

    I would've included a short screen recording I made to show you what I'm talking about, but I can't seem to figure out how to convert it into an acceptable format to show it, being its an MKV file. That being said, I'd recommend using LibreWolf, Epiphany, or Chromium to access Qwant, and then...
  4. SpongebobFan1994

    Ad Blocking Software for Beaker Browser

    I recently installed Beaker. Although I support it for trying to make the web P2P, I'd like to install an ad blocker on top of that, but I haven't been able to find any. I'd like to know if there are any, and if there aren't, could someone with a programming background build one as an extention?
  5. SpongebobFan1994

    Having Trouble Installing LibreWolf App Image on 19.3 Cinnamon [solved]

    As some of you know by now (I found this out through DistroTube), Mozilla was involved some scandals fairly-recently. One was involving internet censorship in response to the alt-right throwing their big tantrum at the white house, and the other one was involving cancel culture where they, and...
  6. I

    Firefox hangs: save console (Non-responding & Running)

    Hello. I would need to use this method first for windows, but hopefully for the last time (there). I keep getting firefox hangs on my project. I regularly save new versions of it, but there are obviously times when that is not regular enough. I would like to know, 1) if there is a way to access...
  7. R

    Changing screen size on Firefox for Ubuntu

    To all the more knowledgeable Linux users, Is anyone using a computer with a non-standard monitor size to surf the net? My laptop is a Hewlett Packard Compaq NC-6220, with a 14.1" screen, which is squatter and closer to square than most PC screens. Using Ubuntu 14.04 most of the programs I...