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    Forwarding ethernet connection on a Red Hat

    Dear fellow Linuxers, I was a bit uncertain what exactly I want or need, so I thought that the beginner's forum would be most suitable for my question. Please advise if I was mistaken. Setting: I'm currently using my own Ubuntu-machine as my work-computer, and I would prefer a wired internet...
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    Hi, i use a linux ubuntu like a gateway/firewall with iptables with 3 eth, in one (Lan eth) i configure a eth for working with a subnetting and adding two ip on the eth: and In a linux host i can navigate, in some host i configure one segment of subnetting and in...
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    Hardware Trouble In multiple distros (grahcical,Ethernet)

    Greetings, I have been having problem with my hardware for quite a while now and have been trying to figure it out on my own just by reading forms and such and I have found a few forms that helped but honestly most of them were complete idiots so I decided to make my own and explain in depth the...
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    No DEVTYPE=wwan for Gemalto modem

    Hi! I'm developing a ofono driver for a new Gemalto modem with 2G/3G/4G. It is a wwan device with 2 ethernet ports. I'm using ofono with connman as the network manager. Everything works fine, except a small detail, the ethernet device is treated exactly as a cable device. That means I can not...
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    Can't connect to a machine through ethernet together with a set up wi-fi connection

    Hello there, I'm not an network admin so my worry is probably dumb to solve, but if it's the case, that would be great :) For my project, I deployed some mini PCs that are all connected to the same router by Wi-fi to be able to synchronize their internal clock. These mini PCs don't have a...