1. GoonMaster

    what are some good laptops with amd cpus and gpus

    I use Linux on my ThinkPads, but my main laptop, which I use for gaming and overall resource heavy tasks, has a dedicated NVIDIA GPU, which for obvious reasons can't run Linux without running into graphical issues. What are some good laptops under £800 that have both AMD GPUs and CPUs that I can...
  2. tinfoil-hat

    Neural Processing Unit (NPU) vs. Linux

    Hi, the new NPU Chips will make a benefit for Windows Recall function. But what will GNU/Linux systems do with these chips? Is there already development happening? What's the path ahead?
  3. R

    Why my PC stucks like that???

    I don't know why my PC stucks like that... When playing video specially... It also happen in windows os... Can anyone give solutions??? There is also a video...
  4. Q

    Issues with Installing Linux on MacBook Air 2019: No WiFi, Keyboard, or Touchpad

    Hello everyone, I am currently facing some challenges with my MacBook Air 2019 when trying to install various Linux distributions. Here are the specs of my device: Model: MacBook Air 2019 Processor: 1.6GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 Storage: 128GB RAM: 8GB Graphics: Intel UHD I've attempted to...
  5. J

    Moving from Nvidia to AMD.

    I started giving Linux much more attention this last year and I'm intended to stay with it from now on but I'm having issues with my 1660 Super. First, OpenSUSE Tumbleweed started glitching real badly. Then I moved to Debian, wich had problems with the last version (12.5) due to kernel changing...
  6. xMaxrayx

    Portable pocket local Pi raspberry server?

    Hi idk which ram size and CPU spec should I go for? which model? I don't want to buy over kill performing hardware because most of time I will share is my OneNote and picture files and pdfs files (less than 100-300 MB) but they are like a lot 1k-5k files for example. should I go for 2GB or 4GB...
  7. A

    Stream Deck device on Linux

    I'm considering using a Stream Deck device on Linux and found some drivers on GitHub (https://github.com/BarRaider/streamdeck-tools). Has anyone here used Stream Deck with Linux, and how well do these drivers work? I'm particularly interested in knowing if these drivers support all Stream Deck...
  8. S

    Hello, I would like to make sure that this Laptop supports Fedora.

    Hello, I would like to make sure that this Laptop supports Fedora. I found out that it only had RHEL and Ubuntu Certification (https://ubuntu.com/certified/202309-32038), but not Fedora. So my question is will Fedora 100% work on it without any problems...
  9. S

    Laptop screen randomly goes blank and then to the lock screen

    Hi ive been having this weird issue where my laptop screen goes black for a few seconds and then takes me to the lock screen, im having to use an external display. Also dont know if this is related but my laptop keyboard wont work as well. Im using an HP 348 G3, using the latest version of pop...
  10. D

    Ancient outdated custom gentoo install (set up by my dead partner). Not done with, but laptop exploded (Thinkpad T410), SSD fine. Get "new" T410, or?

    [ I just posted this to the gentoo forums https://forums.gentoo.org/viewtopic-p-8795977.html#8795977 Not sure when/if I'll get an answer there, and not sure if anyone here is likely to know any helpful details on this... But I figured I should just go ahead and post a copy here anyway, just in...
  11. tinfoil-hat

    Linux on used Macbook - Battery Life

    Hi there, I am searching for an affordable Laptop, that can run Linux with max. battery life, so I was pointed out that MacBooks have insane battery life. Has anyone tried Linux on an old Macbook and if yes, how long did they last and with what model?
  12. tinfoil-hat

    Solved Business Laptop focused at very long Batteryruntime

    Hi there, I am a big fan of the Thinkpad X220 / Thinkpad X230. Their i5 is enough computing power for me. But with the years, I am thinking of getting another Laptop. They should have the following Specs: Batterylife (most important) Can be used or refurbished some 6th-8th gen Intel Core i5 or...
  13. ljhwild

    I'm building my first server and it's so different than building a PC :OO [HELP!]

    Hi, I watched a bunch of videos on YT how to get an old enterprise server and make it work as home media device or a home server, the things are pretty cheap, but I'm also a pretty poor student, so I'd rather not experiment with parts that might not work. I'm planning to go with DebianEdu or...
  14. L

    Linux Audio Interface Project

    Hello everybody. As getting a full working audio interface for Linux is a hard job I'm interested to see or participate in creating a multichannel (at least 6, but preferable just adaptable) audiointerface in a DIY project. Might be it can be composed out of already existing boards or a...
  15. L

    Linux device interaction

    In Linux, is it possible for an application interacts with hardware device( for instance: camera) without using /dev/* device file?So I mean is possible to use hardware device without making or “using” /dev/* device file?
  16. super_user_do

    VESA Monitor suggestions

    Hi everybody :) I have to buy a new monitor. I need the following features: 24"/27", VESA support (for attaching it to the wall), 75hz or more, VA or IPS. My use case: Coding, word processing, office stuff, casual gaming (Sonic Mania, LoL, Minecraft, the Cycle, Apex Legends). 150€ is the budget...
  17. U

    Dell Mouse Get frequently stuck in Ubuntu and Kubuntu .But works well in windows and mac

    Mouse is Dell Wireless Mouse WM118 It is a dongle based not bluetooth based. I bought 2 dell mouse together both are getting stuck in kubuntu and ubuntu but no problem is mac and windows. Another mouse is a different model from the same brand. It works flawlessly sometimes but gets stuck and...
  18. Confused_nerd

    Need suggestion buying laptop.

    (Sorry if this thread doesn't belong here, I didn't know where else to post this.) So I have been presented with an opportunity to buy a laptop, and considering I will be using this machine for at least the next 4 years, I don't want to screw this up. Hence, I am looking for suggestions. Some...
  19. Jayaguru-Shishya

    FOSS / FOSH friendliness — Intel or AMD?

    In a nutshell: When it comes to the FOSS / FOSH friendliness, should one prefer Intel over AMD, or vice versa? Which is the way to go considering the degrees of freedom in hardware? Sorry for the inconvenience, I am still a novice on Linux and at the moment, buying my first pre-installed Linux...
  20. D

    Printer Program Keeps Freezing

    I occasionally have issues with getting the printer in my room to connect to my computer properly, so just now, I was trying to download a new driver in hopes the problem would finally be resolved. Unfortunately, now I have another problem where the printer program in the start menu freezes and...