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    Cant connect Brother printer :(

    Hi everyone, and thanks to the admin for making this site/forum possible. I've installed zorin os and set most things up like browser bookmarks, Passwords, wireless keyboard, mouse, etc... BUT the printer omfg it does not matter what i do, the printer will not connect to the computer even tho...
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    Solved Having Trouble Installing Drivers For Brother MFC-L3770CDW Printer Using Mint 21.1 MATE

    I have the drivers downloaded via tarball, as that's the only option they give for .deb files. I'm not too familiar with tarballs, and often avoid them, because I've found them annoying to work with (as you'll see). I follow the instructions on Brother's website (as seen here...
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    LDAP configuration on client

    how to do LDAP configuration on user side ? CentOS8
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    HP Smart/ HP Tango Linux support?

    Despite the name of the title, I have realized it was not particularly smart to switch to Linux without checking first if some of my stuff was actually compatible. I see that on HP's website they don't provide support for the HP Tango and the Linux operating system and, of course, the printer...
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    how to add printer's scanner in ubuntu

    Hello all, i just recently joined a organization where all pcs are running operating system linux and it my duty to take care all system problems . one thing i want to ask i need to install a printer and scanner on ubuntu and centos operating system based pcs . Printer is EPSON L4160 . please...
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    Need Linux command to reset / restart printer

    I have a shell script code that prints any new PDF generated to a Brother printer which is connected to a MACOS using the below command lp -d Brother_HL_L2350DW_series /var/pdfs/11.pdf After 2 or 3 days the printer stops to print and I see the printer queue growing with the error message The...
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    Printer only prints a white page

    I installed arch linux a few weeks ago, and i didnt have any trouble with it. But a few days ago i getting a printer (Brother DCP-1602) and it works fine. But in the moment of connect it to the PC i cant print anything. Neither from the terminal nor libreoffice. Before that i didnt have the...
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    .prn file conversion

    Hi, i have some PRN files generated from another machine.. I would like to convert these PRN files to pdf and then i want to print.. How to convert these PRN files in Linux. Please help me to solve this
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    HP Network Scanner Folder Issues - SonicWall Router/CentOS Server/Win 7 Clients

    Hi, I am working with a couple of guys out of state who set up a network with a Linux CentOS server, some Win7 clients, and a SonicWall router. They had a Ricoh Savin, and it was set up to scan to network folders. Part of the machine broke, so I brought in a brand new HP MFP M479fdn printer...
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    Canon LBP6000 USB printer doesn't print out

    We have problems in installing Canon LBP6000 printer driver for Linux (Debian Based) We install the driver and it appears in Drivers, however it doesnt print out. Additionally We have PID error in LOGs. The printer uses USB port, we see the printer with "lsusb" command, however when we plug out...
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    Canon Printer Drivers MB-2720

    Has anyone had any success in installing a Canon Maxify MB-2720 multifunction printer with Ubuntu 10.04? Canon does not support Linux for this item. Any help welcomed!