1. PhantomShadow

    Multi-language input and study and security

    Greetings to all fellow mega-nerds I was curious what is being developed for multi-language inputs in Linux systems and how much security is a consideration. Like roughly half of the world I am able to speak a second language and was curious about alternative language inputs in Linux. As far...
  2. J

    Solved Linux security issues

    Background: I have a security clearance (inactive for now) and as part of that security clearance, I receive free online security classes and newsletters from the NSA or military, and I pay attention to those classes. So when I see questionable things, it makes me suspicious (and as one my...
  3. P


    pretty new to linux and i was wondering how can i get linux to look up some cams i set up around the house and how i can conect to them remotely icamrea 1000 is the one im trying to get going right now
  4. C

    Hide a NetworkManager connection's settings without affecting autoconnection

    Hello, Sorry in advance, this is a complicated one ! I am trying to authenticate workstations (running Alma Linux 8) on my network using 802.1x and EAP-TLS (with both a client cert and a private key installed on each workstations). My problem is, I do not want the users to be able to see...
  5. D

    Is It Possible to Jailbreak a Ring Doorbell?

    My neighbor across the street recently bought one of these because he wanted to keep an eye on his packages from amazon, and his wife wanted to feel safe when she's home alone with the kids. When we were talking about it, I politely mentioned that the data it collects goes right to Ring's...
  6. M

    Linux Privacy, Security & Libre - Let's Have a Chat

    Let me lay some foundations.. I can only speak for myself, but the reason I use Linux is because I don't want anything to do with Microsoft or Apple. I also use a DeGoogled Android phone - and I am constantly trying and playing around with Linux phones. I use a VPN, Firefox (recently dumped...
  7. D

    fail2ban do not block ip correctly

    Hi all, hope this is the right forum and correct section. I'm new to fail2ban and have some problems to get it running or better that it works as I expect it to work. My system is Ubuntu 20.04. My fail2ban (failban-client is in version 0.11.1) service is up and running (also restarted after the...
  8. P

    How i've used a recent vulnerability in linux to gain root access and troubleshoot a fedora desktop machine

    Recently i was attempting to downgrade from fedora 36-rawhide to fedora 35-stable, and during this process i've lost the sudo command, and didn't have a pre-existing root account, so i've later on tried to access rescue mode by editing the bootloader options, but as i didn't have root account...
  9. M

    Is Linux Deepin trusted?

    As you may know Deeping is one of the most beautiful Linux distros but there are some doubts about using it among Linux community. What do you think about it? Is it 100% safe to install and use it? Is there any privacy concerns regarding Deepin?
  10. smooth_buddha

    Lets talk Linux security! What security programs, CLI tools, GUi tools do you use to keep you linux system secure?

    Would love to hear what security tools, apps and programs any of you use to keep your system secure and safe, also any other security measures that you take like sandbox'ing or virtualization, or specific security based distros you like or prefur???? I personally use clamav and clamtk ...
  11. smooth_buddha

    Wifi password shown in human readable text in /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf ??????

    On my raspberry pi4 i was shocked to find that my wifi password was stored in /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf in a human readble format! I was surprised it wasn’t encrypted like the system user passwords in the shadow file. Am I missing something here? does anybody know why it’s been...
  12. S

    How could a hacker accessed Admin's Home directory?

    I request everyone to read full and help me and, sorry for my English. I often got few text files (named as "New Text Document.tmp" / "WindowsUpdate..log", WindowsUpdate-1.tmp" / "0000001.tmp" / "0000001 copy.tmp" / "0000001 copy (2).tmp" ...) in my desktop while using Windows (7 & 10), even...
  13. S

    I think modifying ~/.bashrc and other alike files should require the password of the user or root privilege.

    Otherwise, the scipts could be easily modified by malicious software, such as this one: #!/bin/bash echo -e 'echo -n "[sudo] password for $(whoami): "\nread -s pw\necho I got your password: $pw' > /tmp/ echo 'alias sudo="bash /tmp/"' >> ~/.bashrc If the user executes the...
  14. N

    How to limit root access?

    Hi. In an IT company that contains sysadmins, developers & database admins, how can we limit the sysadmin (root) access on a Linux server. For example: DBAs has special privileges to data bases. But the sysadmin (root) have the access to those files too even without their passwords, that we...
  15. BIgD63

    Security software advice

    I am needing to find a cost effective security endpoint software. Currently we are using BitDefender, but it gets expensive, and some servers we cant run it on. Here is what we need to be able to run it on: Ubuntu 16-20 (working on getting the 16's updated) Debian Amazon Linux 2 CentOS
  16. Confused_nerd

    It shows GPT corrupted, should I be concerned?

    First of all, I use linux mint 20.1 ulyssa, but i decided to try out tails os. So i followed instructions here. But when I was live booting from USB stick, I began reading the text it shows, and the first line it said CAUTION: GPT corrupted, using it anyway. Recommend using encrypted drives. or...
  17. Confused_nerd

    Concerned about BitWarden and password managers..

    HI, I'm using linux mint 20.1, and wanted if using an external password manager like bitWarden is safe? Like, I can just store all my passwords offline, but if I do use BitWarden(or any other password managing tool), will they not also have access to my data? What tools do you guys use for...
  18. B

    I need help for installation

    Hi, i am newbies on linux and i try to install multiple secure linux operating systems on a usb stick and no one work same debian jesssie. i use a thinkpad laptop and when i try to boot them it make weird bugs or boot in text mode.
  19. S

    How to find out which script causes the CPU load

    Today I got into trouble and I catch this virus I removed files like in tutorial, scanned with scanners, make firewall, blocked user (from screen) etc and my cpu loads decreased from 100% to 50-80% and thats is still problem...
  20. digitard

    We have problems How someone could choose the most vulnerable operating system for...