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Solved Suggestion for an Internet radio player?

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There are several good Linux apps around, including Tuner or Gnome radio , but I tend to use a free online streaming service such as this one... https://www.radio.net/
Shortwave work good for me.
I use cmus in the terminal for listening to all music, including internet radio streams.

In the past, I’ve also used mplayer and cvlc (command line version of vlc). The desktop version of vlc also works. juq, Amarok…. Thinking about it, pretty much any media player on Linux can play Internet radio streams.

But there’s no inbuilt list of internet radio stations on most media players. So I always go to the radio stations website, where they have their online player and dig through the source code with Firefox’s web developer tools, until I find the URL for their actual live stream, which I would add to a text file containing a list of radio URLs in the following format:
# Station name

Then I used a script (that I wrote), to extract the URL for the radio station I want to listen to the file and pass it to a media player.

But since I started using cmus, whenever I find a new internet radio stream, I just add the URL directly to cmus’s music library and then select a radio station to listen to from my library.

Incidentally, I published some useful scripts, aliases (and other random snippets) that I use in conjunction with cmus and cmus-remote to my git repository at notabug.org:

Each directory in the repo has a .md file that explains what each item is and what it’s used for.

currently iam searching for a good Internet radio player/application for linux have you any suggestions what the best?
Clementine, Rhythmbox and Mixx are some of the suggestions that we can provide you. For more details, you may search on internet as well.

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