What distro logo do you like the most?


The bird is indeed nice. I'm not sure about the history of Lubuntu's mascots or logos.

.. but I have no idea about this particular bit of history.

Lenny adorned merchandise for a while, but I have no idea who designed him. ..

There's also been some fairly recent changes in personnel and some big changes to the distro. I'm not sure if that history has been lost, or anything. When I'm in chat and folks are active, I'll try to remember to ask about Lenny.

And try to get him on a sweatshirt.
Almost all details that existed on the old wiki for Lubuntu still exist; the task I took on had me rename most, with older Lubuntu pages viewed by substituting LXDE/Lubuntu instead.

ie. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LXDE-lubuntu/Marketing/Lenny

Alas there is no history on the page I provided, so you may already be aware of that page. I think there was some history somewhere, or I was told it, but I don't recall any facts sorry.

Some tasks specific to Lenny

Lenny is cool.
I like the Lubuntu Hummingbird.

The use of bird (esp. hummingbird) was taken from LXQt's use of hummingbird; Lenny was pure Lubuntu though (Lubuntu 18.10 & newer use LXQt)
Lesson learned:
Today, some people view Linux distro logos the way people looked at album cover art when music was sold in stores.

Fun. I will buy the T-shirt when I finally settle on a desktop distro for a while.
Last thing I'd care about is the logo of an OS..........let alone picking a favorite one.
Almost all details that existed on the old wiki for Lubuntu still exist.

Nice! I did a bit of searching and didn't find much. In fact, one of the results pointed to a page similar that Wiki page but it was devoid of anything. Ah well... I do recall you undertaking the monumental task of wading through the old wiki stuff. I was around for that, but too new to want to risk breaking anything.

That was just before I got involved. (I think I first started officially testing with 20.10.) So, I knew about Lenny but not much.

We need to bring 'em back for some merchandise. Mostly for my own selfish needs, so that I can order a sweatshirt. We need some merch and some retro merch.