VirtualBox Networking

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Most of you may wonder, “Has Jarret lost his mind? What is he talking about, VirtualBox Networking? Everyone knows how to set up networking under VirtualBox!”. I’d say most days, yes, I have lost...

Linux Terminal Server

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A Terminal Server is a server that can provide the Operating System to the workstations. In most cases, the workstations are diskless and have no means to install an Operating System (OS)...

LFCS – Firewalld

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I hope you enjoy the articles for the LFCS Certification. If you have been following along using VirtualBox to go through the articles, then you will be ready for this one. If you are jumping into...

Bash 09 – Conclusion

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Over the last eight articles, we have covered all the information for making Bash scripts. The rest is up to you.

In this article, I hope to go over some concepts again and help you set up a...

TCP/IP Basics by Math

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The TCP/IP Protocol is essential for accessing the Internet. This is the only protocol used for the Internet, so it is important to have some understanding.

Before we get to the math, let’s look...

Prince of Persia – DOSBox and Native

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In 1989, one of the best games, that ended up on many consoles, was released. Prince of Persia started on the Apple II. In 1990, they ported it to MS-DOS.

They eventually ported the game to these...

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